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GD Todd first exhibited his metal artwork in 2012 at No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne.

Expanding on an extensive career in graphic design, illustration and advertising, the production of his series The Tin Can-vas, incorporates various childhood and professional associations.

Graduating with Diplomas of Graphic Design (Monash) and Teaching (ACU), he lives and works in Melbourne trading under his business name, Take Notice Designs.

Plans include establishing himself as an artist, developing new artwork series and ventures, and project managing a purpose-built studio in the near future.



Artist Statement

I consider the ‘Tin Can-vas’ as a point of difference from the traditional painted canvas – an initial series comprising reclaimed metal tins, digitally overprinted and overworked with fabricated sheet metal and wire elements.

I’ve termed my artwork as Grunky™ – a style representing funky and industrial grunge – a product of metal, form, function, transition, language, design, humour, consumerism, industry, and flawed beauty.

I enjoy the challenges, and the multi-faceted approach needed, in working with this medium. I like the weight, the size, the substance and the history that metal – especially reclaimed metal – brings to the artworks and to the surroundings they are placed in. Accordingly, characteristics such as degradation, scratches and other imperfections are considered integral to the authenticity of the artwork. Surfaces are treated and cured as appropriate to enhance its cosmetic appearance, but like all things will deteriorate over time which is to be expected and accepted.

Like other metal-based series concepts which are in development, the tin can-vas’ continues to evolve and spin-off into new areas. As such, I anticipate incorporating more of my own personality into future projects, pursuing directions that one might not normally associate with artwork and value. 

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