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Metal characterises and inspires the work of GD Todd which was considered the primary medium of choice to establish a point of difference from common paint and canvas, and less likely to be replicated by imitators on a wide scale.
Other mediums and materials such as lighting, wood, resins, even concrete and found objects will be incorporated into future designs, but there will be no canvas.
Metal both new and old provides unlimited opportunities to explore concepts and associations, techniques and production methods not possible solely with paint and canvas. 
There is no shortage of inspiration – ideas form at any time of day and night, recorded, then archived for future action.

In the establishing of a ‘style’, the artist recognises that influences from external sources is pervasive, and has adopted a blinkered approach where possible to works of other artists, especially metalwork. Glenn’s participation in teaching placements has emphasised the difficulty of this notion, evidenced by similarities with the philosophical/aesthetic movements of Pop Art, Abstract and Dada.  Early development comprised experimentation with abstract metal shapes but it wasn’t long before the ‘association with title’ became a prime concept-driving technique. The incorporation of puns, metaphors and word puzzles used so commonly by newspapers, comedians and advertisers reflect much of Glenn’s childhood interest in cartooning, humour, graphics and the association of images with words in his professional career in advertising and design. A laser-etched title on a steel nameplate discloses something of the artist’s inspiration and the idea contained within the artwork. Nonetheless, the prime function remains that the artwork need only to stand alone as ‘decorative design’ and no communicated association or meaning is necessary to justify its existence.

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