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The Tin Can-vas

Reclaimed cans, like many metal items have an inbuilt history. They have had a function, served their purpose and are then discarded or left to deteriorate – each in its own way having its own life and character. The artwork of GD Todd aims to incorporate the character and finishes of metal items such as tin cans into new designs and purpose.

The artworks are large and imperfect and reflect an industrial character. Uneven surfaces, blemishes, irregularities – even dirt, rust and remnants of leaves and labels are embedded into layers. As such, the artworks complement large and associated settings such as warehouse conversions while also contrasting with more austere backgrounds of corporate foyers, boardrooms and designer apartments. Associations are being sought with interior designers, architects, hospitality and building groups, and of course collectors with an eye for the unusual.

Each artwork has averaged approximated 40 hours production and weighs around 40 kg.

Up to 60 tin cans are used as a ‘tin can-vas’ and 300 fasteners to secure each to their moisture resistant MDF bases. Various treatments and processes including printing, coating and fitting with 3D elements are applied both to the
'can-vas', and the 1200 x 1200 mm steel frame.

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