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Tin Lids

TIN LIDS is the latest creative offering by Melbourne metal designer, GD Todd.


Following on from his ‘Tin Can-vas’ and ‘Tin Man’ series comprising recycled tin cans and associated imagery, Todd this time incorporates lids from cans with Aussie rhyming slang, overprinting portraits of kids, be they our own, or of ourselves when we were just little tackers.


“I want to get some art into the burbs”, says Todd. “This series is for arty mum’s and dads, for hip grandparents and anybody that’s ever been a cool Aussie kid”.


Todd describes his artwork style as Grunky™ (a combination of funky and industrial grunge). As such, the inherent nature of the reclaimed metal and therefore the artwork is imperfect comprising areas of rust, degradation, scuffs, imperfections, scratches and other irregularities which are considered desirable characteristics integral to the authenticity of the artwork.


Unframed portraits featuring birth date and subject’s name are available directly from the designer, priced from $390 +GST. Metal framed versions, 400 x 400 mm, are priced from $450 +GST.


Even at this compact size the artworks are substantial productions weighing around 5.5 kg when framed. They can hang alone or be displayed as a collection, a bit like The Brady Bunch. Each artwork comprises the designer’s insignia and trademark nameplate with engraved title, date and production details. ‘Tin Lids’ replicate Todd’s larger artworks, which can weigh between 40 - 80 kg. 

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