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Tin Man

The ‘Tin Man’ series represents an extension of the ‘Tin Can-vas’ series, exploring similar themes utilising recycled tin cans and associated imagery.


Tin Man is a scaled-down production resulting in an artwork affordable to a broad market. The artworks are offered unframed at 382 x 382 mm priced from AUD $390 +GST or mounted within a 400 x 400 mm steel frame from AUD $450 +GST.


Ideally, the portrait will suit a subject who has part of their first name, middle name, surname or nickname that sounds like: ‘TIN’ e.g. Tim, Lin, Kim, Min, Timothy, Tindall, Kindal, Kimberley, Lynette, Wotton, Cotton, Curtin, Whitten etc. A non-tin-sounding name can also have tin portraits produced ‘by association’, incorporated under titles such as: Julie (Lover of Tin); James (Sibling of Tin); Next of Tin (Sally); Bob Jones – the tin bowler.


As a portrait, Tin Man makes a unique and personal lifetime gift, or produced as a set of different ages and compositions, an eye-catching feature in a lounge room, study, office and smaller spaces.


Todd aims to one day exhibit a hundred or more in a single space – perhaps even in a tin shed.



The purchase of an unmounted Tin Man artwork comprises:

• A custom designed portrait by GD Todd presented in the style typical of his tin series

• Printed UV ink over a patchwork of recycled flattened tin cans mounted on top and around sides of a moisture resistant MDF base

• Artist’s signature-logo and date.
• Unique steel label etched with portrait title and individual details

• Approx size / weight = 382 x 382 mm x 22 mm / 2 kg

• Delivery is available at additional cost.

• A trademark steel frame is available at additional cost

• Steel frame dimensions are 400 x 400 x 30 mm, or 400 x 400 x 40 mm
• Steel frame weight is approx 4 – 5 kg

• GD Todd reserves the right to reproduce any artwork, without subject’s approval, for sale or exhibition purposes

• To place an order or to obtain more information, contact GD Todd via the Contact page. 

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